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Based on a True Story

Based on a True Story Features

  • Ionhub iPod Charger Tip iT-371 for Apple iPhone, iTouch, iPod, Video, 3rd gen Nano, Nano. With more Iontips, the all-in-one compact travel charging solution from Ionhub will charge 6 gadgets at the same time.
  • Ionhub's patent pending charging solution is the world first travel charger that will charge up to 6 handheld device at once, through Iontips.
  • IonTips offer compatibility with cell phones, MP3 players, iPod, PDA, gaming PSP, GPS, Bluethooth earphones, portable DVD, and electrical shavers,and more on ionhub website.
  • Ionhub is compatible with worldwide AC voltages, car cigarette lighters, airplane, boat, and RV output DC voltages: AC 100VAC to 240VAC or DC 12VDC to 24VDC
  • Ionhub helps you eliminate clutter, travel light, and save energy.
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Singer Timothy James is the commanding figure in The Movies. His antics, bravado, and misbehavior are the stuff of Silverlake legend. As with the songs James writes for his band, the legend of The Movies themselves, too, can only be based on a true story....

Based on a True Story Price

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Based on a True Story

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Based on a True Story Specs

Manufacturer: IonHub

Model Number: iT-371

Product Width: 4.9 inches

Product Height: 0.3 inches

Product Length: 5.3 inches

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