Cheap Travel Wallet Passport Holder, RFID Document Organizer

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Travel Wallet Passport Holder, RFID Document Organizer

Travel Wallet Passport Holder, RFID Document Organizer Features

  • Multifunctional & Not Messy - High Density linen/cotton blended fabric passport holder with multiple pockets fits your phone, boarding card, credit cards, tickets, coins, keys, money, documents, etc. Also with outside pocket for holding passport.
  • Smooth Zipper - Keep your travel accessories for security.
  • Detachable hand strap design - Make your hand free when you check in. Bring lots of convenience to you, make your journey comfortable and wonderful.
  • Waterproof Design - Ensure your accessories don't get wet if travelling in rain.
  • Durable, lightweight, washable and stylish. Size: 9in X 1.2in X 5.2in
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This passport holder with lots of pockets and slots inside for storing and keep your items in good order. It's so convenience for travelling, at home, camping, on a business trip.

- Keep your things in order.
- Zippers closure makes sure your items safe.
- Including card, ticket, money and mobile pockets.
- Fits into your briefcase, handbag, messenger bag or knapsack.
- The perfect design brings lots of convenience, lightweight, easy to carry.
- Easy to carry and with hand strap, you can release your hand when you want.
- Use for: home, travel, camping, business trip, etc.

Size: 9in X 1.2in X 5.2in
Color: Pink/Gray
Material: linen/cotton blended fabric

Travel Wallet Passport Holder, RFID Document Price

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Travel Wallet Passport Holder, RFID Document Organizer

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Travel Wallet Passport Holder, RFID Document Specs


Model Number: HuZhaobag

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