Cheap Humongous Entertainment PUTT PUTT TRAVELS THROUGH TIME

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Humongous Entertainment PUTT PUTT TRAVELS THROUGH TIME Features

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Platform:  WINDOWS 2000/XP Publisher:  HUMONGOUS Packaging:  RETAIL BOX Rating:  EVERYONE Wham Boom Blam Boing! Mr. Firebird's time machine has gone haywire and Putt-Putt's best pal Pep is lost somewhere in time. Grab your compass! Putt-Putt needs your child's help to find him. Together they'll leap through time - exploring new dimensions and discovering surprising new friends. Meet Ms. Brachiosaurus - she holds the key to unlocking the secrets of the dinosaurs. See what pans out when you visit Silverado Sam the prospector from the Old West. Don't forget to feed the dragon in King Chariot's medieval castle and be sure to check out Darien the librarian from the future - he just may have the book you need. These are just a few of the delightful friends who will help your child reunite our pals. It's an adventure-of-the-centuries that will keep kids coming back time and time again! Junior Adventures challenge and inspire kids to think for themselves in creative and flexible ways. Kids play with faithful lovable friends as they discover captivating worlds. Your children will direct the journey and overcome challenges at their own pace. Humongous Entertainment's heart-warming characters and engaging adventures come to life through feature-film quality animation original music and the power of a child's imagination. Features: There's an exciting world waiting around each turn! Putt-Putt knows cooperation is the key to solving any problem and there are always fun friends willing to help out. Dinosaurs castles singing horses and floating cars are just a few of the things Putt-Putt will discover. Take breaks from the action to play games sing songs paint Putt-Putt or create Silly Stories! With the help of your child's imagination and creative thinking our travelers safely return to Cartown! Like the real world Putt-Putt's world changes every time you play. Special games and activities test memory challeng

Humongous Entertainment PUTT PUTT TRAVELS Price

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Humongous Entertainment PUTT PUTT TRAVELS Specs

Manufacturer: HUMONGOUS


Product Width: 3.4 inches

Product Height: 0.2 inches

Product Length: 5.3 inches

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