Cheap Superior Travel Lock Kit

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Superior Travel Lock Kit
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Superior Travel Lock Kit Features

  • Made in the USA With Lifetime Warranty!
  • Made of Aerospace Alloy for Impressive Strength; School Tested and School Purchased. This lock has a low profile when installed and the protrusion is less than the door knob, to prevent accidental injury to small children.
  • (If required)Security Biscuit can be installed for Securing Doors with Larger Gaps
  • (2) Security Brackets for Residential/Commercial Doors
  • Prevents Unexpected Keyed Entry
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This is a portable lock for both in home use and travel- Very easy to use- Allows for fast removal and exit for safety purposes- It requires NO TOOLS or keys- Great for dorms, apartments, vacations, schools, homes and travel- Silicone sheaths helps prevent damage to door and trim - Clear container speeds up TSA inspection- PREVENTS keyed entry - EASILY FITS in purses, carry-on bags, car consoles, pockets etc.. - Virtually works on any hinged door that opens toward you. PROVIDES PEACE OF MIND FOR YOUR FAMILY! Sheath Color May Very. For Free Replacement Parts Under Warranty Please Contact LMCI @ ( 205-822-0721) 8:00AM to 4:00PM Central Time.We Welcome Your Feedback So As To Improve Our Customer Service. LOCK IN A GREAT NIGHT'S SLEEP!

Superior Travel Lock Kit Price

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Superior Travel Lock Kit

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Superior Travel Lock Kit Specs

Manufacturer: LMCI

Model Number: STL2521

Product Width: 2.2 inches

Product Height: 2.1 inches

Product Length: 3 inches

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