Cheap The Looper's Companion Guide: Cruising America's Great Loop

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The Looper's Companion Guide: Cruising America's Great Loop
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This is 2019's newest and latest Great Loop book release. From our 3-time Best Selling Great Loop Book author, Capt. John has produced an incredible Looping guide. This is a huge 8.5 x 11 x 335-pages with over 100 full-color Maps & photo's. Just read the reviews! Even previous Loopers are raving about this guide! This is the ultimate Great Loop planning & cruising guide as it helps you plan and prepare your self, your boat, and your budget for this epic adventure. It takes the 'guess work' out of planning it, and the 'stress work' out of cruising it. You will be cruising America's Great Loop safely with comfort & confidence. Includes planning, preparing, budgeting, boat buying, equipping, and provisioning your boat. But, the revolutionary game changer is Capt. John's 'numbered' 5,429-mile x 140-travel day and destinations route and itinerary. Cruising the Loop doesn't get any safer or easier than this. Just follow in the wake of Capt. John on his favorite Great Loop route that takes you (by the numbers) from one incredible destination to the next, while leaving you at a free dock, safe anchorage or people & pet friendly marina every single evening before dark. The route takes you to over 100 "Looper Favorite" destinations and gives you all the best detours as well as the top 10 most popular side-trips. One reader called it: “Confidence in a can!" Another reader said, “It's like having your own personal Looping Instructor at the helm." This 140-travel day route guide is strategically planned to work for those in fast boats as well as those in slow boats. It gives a priority to marinas that are the most people & pet friendly, offer a courtesy car or free shuttle, onsite or nearby restaurants. It gives you each and every travel day's distance, fuel range, bridge heights, controlled depths and known depth issues. It includes each day's way-points, free dock & wall locations, safest anchorages and best marinas (with Mile markers & phone numbers). For those new to cruising long-distance, you get a complete run down on actual 2018 cruising costs with cost comparisons on the most popular types & size vessels suitable for cruising the Great Loop. From the most frugal and fuel-efficient boats to the most flamboyant and accommodating vessels, from sail to power, one engine or two, large and small - Capt. John and his group give you a real heads up on what you can expect your cruising expenses will be both on & off the water. He makes it easy to determine a much better Looping budget based on our own lifestyle, boat type, size, and speed. If you have a reluctant spouse in the house, this will change that as well. The large size combined with the full color maps and photos make a beautiful Coffee Table book and conversation piece. You won't just be happy with this purchase, you will be THRILLED! Get it now, and get ready to be more excited than ever for a safe, comfortable and amazing voyage around America's Great Loop. Your "Looper's Companion Guide" purchase on Amazon comes with a free Kindle version.James A.Peoples,CEO, ANCHOR PUBLISHING

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The Looper's Companion Guide: Cruising America's Great Loop

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