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  • Stretchable Fabric Designed to Fit Most Head Sizes - Machine Wash, Tumble Dry
  • Travel relaxation in the form of a portable and comfortable head stabilizer
  • This "Halo" takes the place of a bulky travel pillow - Built in Eyemask
  • Packs into a small bag that can easily be placed in a purse or a pocket, so you can travel light.
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NEW! - The patent-pending Travel HaloTM offers travel relaxation in the form of a portable and comfortable head stabilizer. This "Halo" takes the place of a bulky travel pillows which push your head forward. The Travel Halo contains a small pillow on each side toward the back. The cushions cradle your head, preventing the rolling from side to side. It has a built-in eye mask - keep it up, or fold it down.The Travel Halo was created with one goal in mind: to make it possible to sleep comfortably while sitting up, stabilizing your head. Whether you travel by plane, train, or automobile, the Travel Halo's unique design will help you sleep better. Easy to store and super compact, the 2.5 ounce Travel Halo won't weigh you down, key for veteran travelers, and is easily stored in its carrying pouch. Unlike those bulky u-shaped travel pillows, the Travel Halo can fit in your pocket. If getting rest on a flight, train ride, or care ride becomes critical to your daily duties then keep your head in the right position and invest $29 in The Travel Halo. Your head will thank you.**Travel-Zombie syndrome (TZS), a type of social disorder, is a potentially disabling condition. People with TZS are plagued by an assortment of unpleasant symptoms that cause the afflicted to resemble the walking deceased. The social and professional ramifications of TZS can range from ruined business opportunities to damaged friendships and inappropriate altercations with strangers. Very little research is available on TZS but some physicians and most flight attendants agree, TZS is very real. TZS is usually caused by long periods of travel in uncomfortable conditions with little or no sleep. In some studies, poorly designed travel pillows were noted to be a major contributing factor to the onset of TZS.


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Manufacturer: Breathe Healthy

Product Width: 4.3 inches

Product Height: 2.5 inches

Product Length: 6.8 inches

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