Cheap Toasted or Roasted Card Game

The Toasted or Roasted Card Game is available for only $12.45 at It has been rated by 0 users and has an average rating of 0. Learn more about the Toasted or Roasted Card Game below or view all user ratings, read all user reviews, or save it to compare against similar products. If you're interested in buying this product, we recommend using for your purchase as we find they usually have the best prices, and their return policy is excellent (just in case). Click the Amazon button below, or click here to view this product on
Toasted or Roasted Card Game
Toasted or Roasted Card Game   Toasted or Roasted Card Game   Toasted or Roasted Card Game

Toasted or Roasted Card Game Features

  • Packaged in a unique, waterproof, resealable bag
  • family game designed to be a take along for camp outings
  • An offensive/Defensive board/card game
  • Be the first player to start your campfire and toast three marshmallows
  • Opponents can rain on your campfire, blow your fire out, or burn your marshmallow
  • Packaged in a resealable "take-along" bag for fun on the go
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Toasted or roasted is an offensive/defensive game where players try to be the first to start their campfire and toast three marshmallows. But watch out for Roasty because he will burn the marshmallows to a crisp! Toasted or Roasted Card Game MSRP: $14.00Item# UPC#890183001136Ages 6+2 to 6 players Includes: • 54 CARDS • 8 DISKS• RULES• PICNIC TABLE BOARD.

Toasted or Roasted Card Game Price

New: $12.45       Used: Click For Price

Toasted or Roasted Card Game

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Toasted or Roasted Card Game Specs

Manufacturer: Pair of Jacks Games

Model Number: TR1

Product Width: 8.6 inches

Product Height: 3 inches

Product Length: 13 inches

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