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Las Bolas de Fuego 2020 Details and Information

Get all the details about Las Bolas de Fuego 2020 on The Cheap Route, including Las Bolas de Fuego location, when Las Bolas de Fuego starts and finishes, and how long it lasts for. Events like Las Bolas de Fuego tend to change trips, get all the details beforehand so you can either attend the Las Bolas de Fuego celebration, or avoid the Las Bolas de Fuego crowds.

Las Bolas de Fuego Facts

Where Is Las Bolas de Fuego?

Nejapa, El Salvador

When Is Las Bolas de Fuego?

Aug 31

What Is Las Bolas de Fuego?

Dangerously exotic. That maybe one apt phrase to describe Las Bolas de Fuego, or literally, “Balls of Fire.” Now slowly gaining worldwide fame, Las Bolas de Fuego was born—surprisingly—in an urban administrative division that is also known as being the location of El Salvador’s corporate status and government powers, particularly in Nejapa in the San Salvador department. Celebrated not just as a minor event but as a tradition by the Nejapese, it is a major annual feature of Nejapa’s August.
The tradition has been around for quite a few centuries, and thus, its origin is not too clear. However, there are two stories surrounding the birth of Las Bolas De Fuego that most Nepajese favor. The first one is a historical in nature. The Nejapenses believe that the balls of fire that the festival commemorates refer to the explosions of the local volcano El Payon that, in November 1658, drove the inhabitants of the old Nejapenses village (Nixapa) to the current location of Nejapa. Another story is a religious tale. It goes that a certain “San Jeronimo” fought the devil balls of fire.
Today, many people flock to El Salvador to join the celebration of Las Bolas de Fuego, Many of them go quite the distance in the name of authenticity, as they take the events’ name literally. How, you say? Well, one of the most popular ways of celebrating this feast is by throwing—yep, you guessed it—real balls of fire at each other. Quite the adrenaline sport, isn’t it.
Because of that truly exciting experience, the festivities of Las Bolas de Fuego have become a real tourist attraction, with many visitors enjoying the party atmosphere minus the crazy crowds that mar bigger events. Of course, this event is even now becoming much bigger than what it was a decade ago, as more people discover this event and as Nejapa adds more attraction. Today, this local area not only boasts of Las Bolas de Fuego, but also the new facility called “Polideportivo de Nejapa,” which consists of four large pools, a zoo, three large soccer fields, a ranch, and restaurants. Other attractions also lie just beyond the city borders, among them.
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