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Boryeong Mud Festival 2020 Details and Information

Get all the details about Boryeong Mud Festival 2020 on The Cheap Route, including Boryeong Mud Festival location, when Boryeong Mud Festival starts and finishes, and how long it lasts for. Events like Boryeong Mud Festival tend to change trips, get all the details beforehand so you can either attend the Boryeong Mud Festival celebration, or avoid the Boryeong Mud Festival crowds.

Boryeong Mud Festival Facts

Where Is Boryeong Mud Festival?

Daecheon, South Korea

When Is Boryeong Mud Festival?

2nd Saturday of July for 11 days

What Is Boryeong Mud Festival?

Everything turns downright dirty every July in one part of Southern Korea. And the event—what could only be termed as a hot mess—attracts thousands of tourists for precisely its dirt properties. What is this event? This is the annual Boryeong Mud Festival, an event held for two weeks in Daechon, a city 200 kilometers south of South Korea’s capital of Seoul.
Like all festivals, this celebration is staged by the local community to focus on their culture’s unique aspects. In this case, the Boryeong Mud Festival is held because the community has such a strong belief in the benefits of rolling around in mud. The locals believe that the mineral-rich mud from the city’s mud flats contains natural ingredients that have health benefits and are, in fact, now used in cosmetics. The mud is brought to the Daecheon beach area where it is made the centerpiece of the “Mud Experience Land.”
In 1996, mud was first used in cosmetics. In 1998, the first Boryeong Mud Festival was held as a marketing vehicle for the mud cosmetics. The organizers saw the event as a place where people would learn about the mud and the cosmetics. The ploy worked—after a little over a decade, since 2007, the festival was already attracting millions of people every year.
Several attractions in the festival are mud pool, mud slides, mud prison, and mud skiing competitions. Colored mud is also available and is used for body painting. While the guests enjoy their muddy experience, musicians play live music on a stage by the beach to provide a lively atmosphere. Competitions, games, and other visual attractions are also displayed. Health and beauty clinics offer massages, acupuncture, and other treatments using mud. There are also as small markets where mud cosmetics can be bought.
The event’s main event is usually held during the second weekend of July. The event is closed with a large firework display.
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