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Swamp Soccer World Championship 2020 Details and Information

Get all the details about Swamp Soccer World Championship 2020 on The Cheap Route, including Swamp Soccer World Championship location, when Swamp Soccer World Championship starts and finishes, and how long it lasts for. Events like Swamp Soccer World Championship tend to change trips, get all the details beforehand so you can either attend the Swamp Soccer World Championship celebration, or avoid the Swamp Soccer World Championship crowds.

Swamp Soccer World Championship Facts

Where Is Swamp Soccer World Championship?

Hyrynsalmi, Finland

What Is Swamp Soccer World Championship?

One of today’s most popular sports is football or soccer, as evidenced by the year-round frenzy of fans supporting their favorite teams as well as the worldwide excitement that the Soccer World Cup generates among most nations across six continents. Traditionally, this sport is played on a wide field, but do you know that this sport is so popular, a variety of soccer is played on bogs, quagmires, wetlands, or swamps. Like all things soccer, this variety is so well-received that it has encouraged the holding of a tournament which culminates in the Swamp Soccer World Championship. This is a two-day event spent playing the sport in a marsh.
The Swamp Soccer World Championship is believed to have originated in Bishop Auckland, a market town and civil parish in County Durham in north east England, United Kingdom. It started as a laidback exercise activity for athletes and soldiers, since it is physically demanding playing on soft, marshy bogs. The first organized Swamp Soccer World Championship was held in the 1998 Finnish championship led by Jyrki Väänänen, also known as “The Swamp Baron.” Since 2001, swamp football championship has been played yearly on Vuorisuo bog in Hyrynslami, part of the Kainuu region in Finland. Another European Championship is also held near the sport’s birthplace, in the town of Newton Aycliffe, County Durham.
Today, there are an estimated 300 swamp football teams from various countries, some of which play at the Swamp Soccer World Championship in Finland. In recent years, some 5,000 players participate in around 700 games over the course of the tournament.
The tournament’s game follows the same rules as soccer, although some aspects had been changed in order to accommodate the conditions of the natural bogs in which the championship is held. Each match during the Swamp Soccer World Championship has two halves, each 13 minutes long instead of the usual 45 minutes per half in regular soccer. Also, regular soccer usually requires a minimum of seven players on the field, while swamp soccer requires six plus a maximum of six others in the team.
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