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Feast of Santa Domenica 2020 Details and Information

Get all the details about Feast of Santa Domenica 2020 on The Cheap Route, including Feast of Santa Domenica location, when Feast of Santa Domenica starts and finishes, and how long it lasts for. Events like Feast of Santa Domenica tend to change trips, get all the details beforehand so you can either attend the Feast of Santa Domenica celebration, or avoid the Feast of Santa Domenica crowds.

Feast of Santa Domenica Facts

Where Is Feast of Santa Domenica?

Salento, Italy

When Is Feast of Santa Domenica?

Jul 6 - Jul 8

What Is Feast of Santa Domenica?

One of the amazing but lesser-known festivals in Europe is the Feast of Santa Domenica. It is held in the town of Salento, a little place that can be found on the heel of what is the Italian boot on a map. Like many feasts in this Christian country, this event has religious overtones. It is held annually starting from July 5 to July 7.
The Feast of Santa Domenica has been around for more than a century, with the locals of Salento observing the traditions of thanksgiving for this day. The feast started as a way for people to venerate the saint who is believed to have saved the residents of Scorrano, a small area in Salento, from the deadly threat of the bubonic plague. In the early years after she worked her miracle, the townspeople used to light a candle by their windows to honor her.
Today, the townspeople celebrate the Feast of Santa Domenica by attending Eucharistic celebrations in her honor. At night, the town because a wonderland, with the simple candles that the villagers used to light now replaced with a myriad of complicated lights displayed in many of the town’s biggest landmarks, such as the church and the tower. Fireworks also light up the night sky, complimenting the beauty of the light display on the ground. Today, the feast is considered one of the most beautiful light exhibits in Italy, attracting many tourists not just from Europe but also from all over the globe.
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