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Oktoberfest 2020 Details and Information

Get all the details about Oktoberfest 2020 on The Cheap Route, including Oktoberfest location, when Oktoberfest starts and finishes, and how long it lasts for. Events like Oktoberfest tend to change trips, get all the details beforehand so you can either attend the Oktoberfest celebration, or avoid the Oktoberfest crowds.

Oktoberfest Facts

Where Is Oktoberfest?

Munich, Germany

When Is Oktoberfest?

Late September - Early October

What Is Oktoberfest?

Oktoberfest is renowned the world over as the annual bacchanalia that happens in Munich, Germany. The festivities here lasts around 16 to 18 days, from late September to the first week of October, on the Wies'n.
An estimated average of 6 million people flock to Germany annually to enjoy the free-flowing beer and street parties that define this event. It is now the largest festival in the world, and copied many times over by various entities in other countries.
History credits the wedding celebrations for the nuptials of King Ludwig and Princess Therese on October 12, 1810 as the origin of the Oktoberfest. The citizens of Munich were invited for a grand celebration in front of the city's gates in a field named “Theresienwiese” (or Therese's fields), later shortened to Wies'n, to honor the crown princess. After the lavish celebration, horse races were then held to close the event. The feast plus the horse races became collectively known as the Oktoberfest. A year later, the Agricultural Show was added to the festivities.
Today, the Agricultural Show is still held every three years during Oktoberfest, although the horse races had been discountinued. Munich is very strict about the quality of beer served during Oktoberfest: it must have been brewed within the city and must have at least 13.5% Master Spice to become an Oktoberfest Beer, a label that is trademarked by the Club of Munich Brewers.
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