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Super Bowl Sunday 2020 Details and Information

Get all the details about Super Bowl Sunday 2020 on The Cheap Route, including Super Bowl Sunday location, when Super Bowl Sunday starts and finishes, and how long it lasts for. Events like Super Bowl Sunday tend to change trips, get all the details beforehand so you can either attend the Super Bowl Sunday celebration, or avoid the Super Bowl Sunday crowds.

Super Bowl Sunday Facts

Where Is Super Bowl Sunday?

United States

When Is Super Bowl Sunday?

Late January or early Febuary

What Is Super Bowl Sunday?

Super Sunday! Yes, this is what the Super Bowl Sunday is to most Americans. This event is so popular that it has attained the status of an unofficial national holiday in the United States. Quite simply, this event is the most watched annual television program in the US.
In truth, the event is just a game of football that is played usually in late January or early February. For fanatics, however, the Super Bowl literally makes the world stop. People drop whatever they are doing to gather and to watch the game as they eat a large amount of feel-good food.
Due to its power to bring together families and friends, very alike to other official holidays, the Super Bowl Sunday is usually referred to by many commentators as a holiday. So embedded is this tradition among most Americans that even non-football fans would usually sit in front of the television to watch the game with family and/or friends. Stores usually close down for the games, and this is especially true for places whose football teams will be playing during Super Bowl Sunday. Americans living in the other parts of the world will also usually create their own version of the event by gathering, usually overnight due to the time difference in some areas, and watching together. The power of the television to stir people and help economize is very obvious during the event.
This day is considered as the second-largest day of food consumption in the country after Thanksgiving. However, unlike Thanksgiving, Super Sunday is usually served buffet style. The most common fares during the event are buffalo wings, pizza, chilli, potato chips, and dipping sauces. People in the United States usually consume around 2913,000,000 kilograms of chips, 90,000,000 chicken wings, and 3,600,000 kilograms of guacamole on Super Bowl Sunday. Pizza deliveries are doubled as this kind of comprises roughly 60 percent of the food taken out on this day. Aside from pizza delivery, alcohol intake is also at its peak during this time.
Many people are now pushing for making Super Bowl Sunday an official national holiday in the United States. They believer that the event’s power of bringing people of different races, religions, and economic classes together is almost tantamount to the power of other “holy days” and “holidays”.
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