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2020 / 2021 Finland Holidays, Festivals & Events

Planning a trip in 2020 / 2021 and want to know whats going on in Finland through out the year? Maybe you want to avoid the crowds? Find out what Events, Festivals & Holidays are going on in Finland using our event guide. You know it sucks when you barely miss out on something, make an informed decision when planning your Finland trip, don't miss that favorite DJ by a week because you didn't do your research when you picked the date!

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What Events, Holidays & Festivals Are Happening in Finland

Aug 22 - Aug 24
Oulu, Finland
If you think that air guitars are just expressions of personal Imma-bad-ass-rocker attitude, then you are dead wrong. There actually are people so obsessed with air guitars th... Read More
Aug 20
Savonlinna, Finland
Now here is something that you probably never imagined existing: a Mobile Phone Throwing Championship. Yes, we’re kidding you not. There is a Mobile Phone Throwing Champhionsh... Read More
Hyrynsalmi, Finland
One of today’s most popular sports is football or soccer, as evidenced by the year-round frenzy of fans supporting their favorite teams as well as the worldwide excitement tha... Read More
2nd Wednesday of August for 5 days
Helsinki, Finland
Flow Festival is a music and arts festival in the capital city of Finland, Helsinki. It is held annually every August. Staging the event’s ninth edition this year, the organiz... Read More
2nd Friday of July for 3 days
Joensuu, Finland
Finland boasts of hosting the second oldest active rock festival in the world: Ilosaarirock. The event is held annually on the second weekend of July in the city of Joensuu, N... Read More
1st Friday of July for 2 days
Sonkajarvi, Finland
Do you know that there is a Wife Carrying Championship held in Finland?Wife carrying is a sport where a female participant is carried by her male teammate. The pair will have ... Read More

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