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India Travel Guide

Planning a trip to India and want to know what to do while you're there? What to see in India? The best time to go to India? How to get to India? What are the best hotels in India? How to travel to India for cheap? Our experts have been there taking photos and figuring out the answers to these and other questions so you don't have to. Continue reading through our our free India travel guide to help plan your India trip.

India Travel Articles

100 Of My Favorite Monkey Photos
This article is a gallery containing 100 of my favorite monkey photos from my travels around the world, in no specific order.
The Best Way To Get Around Delhi, India
The Best Way To Get Around Delhi is by rickshaw. Rickshaws are cheaper, faster, and more fun than taxis, and trains dont run everywhere.
Amazing Timelapse Video Of The Himalayas
Some cool shots demonstrating how quickly the weather can change, and an overall amazing timelapse video of the Himalayas in Nepal.
8000's: The Mountains Of The Himalayas
The Himalayas form a broad, continuous arc for nearly 2600 km along the northern fringes of the Indian subcontinent and the southern Tibet.
Travel Vaccinations - The Hidden Expense
Everybody thinks about the big expenses like flights and accommodation, but sometimes travel vaccinations can be as expensive as a flight.
Top 10 Best Places To See Monkeys
Everyone loves monkeys, but most western countries don't have any native monkeys. Here are the top 10 places to see monkeys in the wild.
Some Quick Advice For A Mumbai Trip
Taken from an email I wrote a friend about his Mumbai and India trip, this is some advice for what to do and see on a Mumbai trip.
Sanjay Gandhi Lion Safari in Mumbai Sucks
With limited time at the Sanjay Ghandi National Park I figured I'd do the Lion Safari. Sounds cool right? Well I'm here to tell you it's not
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