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Get travel videos from Bosnia & Herzegovina on The Cheap Route. We're always updating our gallery of Bosnia & Herzegovina videos with the latest from people around the world. Get high quality Bosnia & Herzegovina videos for free.

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Geography Now! Bosnia and Herzegovina
Well here we go. The "Belgium of the Balkans"... But with more anger and a touch of sarcasm. ...
Top 10 Things NOT To Do In Bosnia !
Some tips for the people planning to visit Bosnia or planning to visit Bosnian people. Don't take this to serious. Most of it is meant as a joke ;) Become part of ...
Bosnia and Herzegovina: an ethnically divided country | DW Documentary
Ethnic divides still exist in some neighborhoods in Bosnia and Herzegovina. In a school in Travnik, a fence separates Muslim and Croat pupils. Due to a high ...
The Butcher of Bosnia - BBC Newsnight
This film contains graphic content some viewers may find upsetting. *** As former Bosnian Serb military leader Ratko Mladic awaits his verdict on war crimes, ...
Bosnia & Herzegovina - Land of Wonders
Bosnia-Herzegovina is a place to discover. After two weeks of traveling in the country, I realized that Bosnia-Herzegovina is much more than a former Yugoslav ...
🇧🇦 Bosnia: the country with three presidents | Al Jazeera English
Could you imagine a country being run by three presidents? This is how the political system works in Bosnia and Herzegovina. And it is one of the most ...
Ethnic Cleansing of Bosnian Muslims —explained
The Srebrenica genocide was the worst massacre in Europe since WWll. Here's what led to it. Subscribe to our channel Follow us on ...
المدرسة الاسلامية في البوسنة Islamic school in Bosnia
المدرسة الاسلامية في البوسنة Islamic school in Bosnia.
Radicalization in Bosnia - Islamists gaining ground | DW Documentary
Religious extremists are gaining increasing influence in Bosnia. Social workers are trying to keep young people away from radical Islamist preachers. Bosnian ...
Josip Broz Tito's Advice For Bosnia
I ran into this wonderfull piece of history, where the big boss himself is warning us for all the shit that we experienced already. Josip Broz Tito himself.
This is Why You Need to Visit Mostar | Bosnia & Herzegovina
The family holiday has come to an end as we finish our road trip in Bosnia & Herzegovina and honestly you guys need to visit Mostar - this bucket list spot is a ...
Who you think will win? Watch our challenge, created with a little twist, THE LANGUAGE CHALLENGE | BOSNIAN vs SPANISH! I hope you enjoy it as much as ...
Bosnian War the Death of Yugoslavia History Channel Documentary
Bosnian War the Death of Yugoslavia History Channel Documentary 2015 + More: Thank you for ...
Bosnia combat footage english subtitles
Battle during the Yugo war. Gradacac, Bosnia 1994. English subtitles.
American Experience | Bosnia | PBS
See the full film at When Bosnian Serb soldiers murdered thousands in July 1995, Clinton initiated a massive NATO ...
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