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Get travel videos from El Salvador on The Cheap Route. We're always updating our gallery of El Salvador videos with the latest from people around the world. Get high quality El Salvador videos for free.

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San Salvador Travel Guide (2019) is it safe? | Backpacking El Salvador.
In this episode we explore El Salvador's capital - San Salvador. San Salvador is known for being one of the most dangerous cities in the world. We spend the ...
El Salvador 10-Day Travel Itinerary - Things to Do
Subscribe: Costs: Finding Home: ...
El Salvador: Is it Safe to Visit El Salvador?
Grab some of our gear Thinking about visiting the Mayan ruins of San Andres or Tazumal? Wanting to surf some of the best waves ...
San Salvador | English girl exploring El Salvador & gives honest review!
I spent a few days exploring San Salvador the capital of El Salvador. It has a reputation for being dangerous but it is a beautiful city with friendly people and so ...
BUDGET TRAVEL - El Salvador is so CHEAP
BUDGET TRAVEL - El Salvador is so CHEAP I'm always looking for great budget travel options and El Salvador has always eluded me - until now. After a few ...
Top Things to do in EL SALVADOR πŸ‡ΈπŸ‡»
Hey guys in this video I take you around my top favorite spots in El Salvador. 1.) You have to visit Campo Bello! It is one of the most serene places ever.
Check Out Salva And The Awesome Work He Does- Donate To Our Production on PayPal: GET 2 ...
Where to visit in El Salvador?
What are your top spots to visit in El Salvador? I can't mention all of my favourite places in one this is just PART ONE of some of the top places to visit ...
El Salvador...a family destination
Shane O takes his family (and a couple of friends) to one of most misunderstood countries in Central America. ...
El Salvador Safety and Security Tips - Is El Salvador Safe in 2020?
Subscribe: El Salvador Custom Tours: Finding my birth mother: ...
Why you should visit El Salvador | Our top sites to visit | El Salvador Travel Guide
In this episode we show you our top sites to visit in El Salvador. So why visit El Salvador, many people make the mistake of overlooking this amazing country and ...
A Week in El Salvador
I've been living in El Salvador for over one year now and my mother finally came to visit! We went all over El Salvador during her time here. I tried to take videos ...
El Salvador Needs to be on Your Bucket List
Did you know that El Salvador is smaller than Massachusetts, but has HUNDREDS of volcanoes?! I had the opportunity to visit El Salvador a few weeks ago on a ...
El Salvador travel
DON'T GO to El Salvador, they said... | Van Life
Welcome to the Jungle!!! Episode 51!!! Become a Patron ~ If there is one place that everyone has told us not to go, it's El Salvador.
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