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Get travel videos from Guam on The Cheap Route. We're always updating our gallery of Guam videos with the latest from people around the world. Get high quality Guam videos for free.

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Guam Vacation 2019 Part 1 | Travel Vlog | #nikkoandjenenriquez
PART 2: We qualified for an all-expense paid vacation to Guam, USA! (Herbalife Level 1 Vacation) ...
NEW GUAM VIDEO 2017!! I got to visit Guam for two weeks and it was amazing to explore the island I was raised in. Thanks to ...
I'm in Guam// Travel vlog// Deployment
GAB GAB BEACH*** it is not Gap Gap beach. oops.... Hello My Youtube Family! So Sofia and I made it all the way to Guam to visit my Husband that is currently ...
Traveling to the US' Most Isolated Territory
We go to Guam and film videos. Want a shirt with a Wendover Productions logo on it? You can get one for yourself using twenty-five American dollars here: ...
A peak into our guam trip in January. Guam is about 3 hours plane ride away from Tokyo and is a perfect tropical getaway! ...
괌 자유여행 4박 5일 브이로그 Guam travel
Hafa Adai. 여행크리에이터 직장다니는 여행가입니다. 지난 11월 다녀왔던 4박 5일 괌여행 프롤로그 브이로그입니다. 본 영상은 스케치 영상으로 편집한...
TOP 10 Places to Visit in Guam
TOP 10 Places to Visit in Guam. Watch this video and share it with your friend if you like this video please Subscribe My Channel For more video.
🌴괌 여행로그🐠쇼핑천국/괌맛집/GUAM Travel vlog - [쩡유]
instagram @1_yu_jeong +영상 속에 쌩얼에 주의하시길 바랍니닏..다... 넘 편하게 다녀와서 화장도 거의 안하곸ㅋㅋㅋ헬렐레 다녔어요. 마지막날은 쇼핑만...
Trip to Guam Island, 2016
Date : On June 20th-24th, 2016 Nikon coolpix P520 Cost : Ticket+Hotel ( for an adult ; ¥41,238 ) by Rentacar : 4 days, D-class, $202.89 by ...
UNIQUE Things TO DO in GUAM (Pinned Ep. 1)
When people find out that I frequent Guam for work, I always get asked "What in the world is in Guam?!" So I figured I would ask my local friends and The Guam ...
Guam Vacation 2019 Part 2 | Travel Vlog | #nikkoandjenenriquez
We qualified for an all-expense paid vacation to Guam, USA! (Herbalife Level 1 Vacation) PART 1: ...
【VLOG】關島 GUAM 玩轉海陸空 ♡ 人生bucket list 我跳傘了 ♡ 踏進美國領土 ♡ TRAVEL TO GUAM ♡ Anthe Au Yeung ♡
我終於踏進美國領土了\(^o^)/ 有天Phoebe跟我說不如去跳傘,你要跟我一起去嗎? 然後我們就到旅行社買套票,一星期後就出發了 沒想到我竟然有...
Guam Vacation 2018
Going to see my girlfriend's brother while he was stationed in Guam.
Trip to Guam 2018 (Pagat Point, Tagada Amusement Park, Matapang Beach & more) | James Jaeson
Hey folks, it's your Boy once again. Another adventure has been conquered. This time it's where America's first day begins, Guam. By the way, it's only me and ...
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