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Get travel videos from Syria on The Cheap Route. We're always updating our gallery of Syria videos with the latest from people around the world. Get high quality Syria videos for free.

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SYRIA | What's It Like to be a Tourist in Damascus in 2019?
My trip to Syria was one of the most eye-opening journeys I've ever made. It was tough to reconcile my awareness of the recent tragic conflict in the country, with ...
Getting into Syria as a Tourist 🇸🇾
Part 1 of 4 in my series: Tourist in Syria In this part you will see: -Summary of my travels to get into Syria -Flight from Singapore to Beirut, Lebanon with Ethiopian ...
SYRIA as a Tourist - Damascus Day One
It's the first day in Syria and it feels a bit surreal to be here but I'm excited to see what I find. We ventured into the city of Damascus and got to see the ...
ALEPPO, SYRIA | What's It Like to Be a Tourist in ALEPPO in 2019?
Travelling to Aleppo was one of the toughest travel experiences I've had. The city and the people who call it home have gone through a nightmare in recent ...
This Is What Life Is Like Inside Assad's Syria | VICE on HBO
Six years of civil war has left most of Syria, a country once known for its ancient cities, in ruins. On the battlefield, Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad's forces ...
Syria Vacation Travel Video Guide
Travel video about destination Syria. Syria is an ancient country of culture located between the Mediterranean and the desert. Its ancient desert metropolises, old ...
SYRIA Travel Vlog 2018 - Damascus and Homs - رحلتي إلى سوريا كأجنبي
Come to Syria with me in January 2020: Email me at or ...
How to travel to Syria?
Part 4 of my series: Tourist in Syria This video is a reflection of my visit to Syria. I will talk about: - Why I visited Syria - Safety-aspects of visiting Syria - Getting a ...
Life Inside the ISIS Home Base of Raqqa, Syria
What's it like to live under the rule of the extremist group known as the Islamic State, or ISIS? WSJ looks at the situation in Raqqa, Syria, through the eyes of two ...
I went to Syria and this is what I found | SYRIA 2019
It's day three in Syria and what we found here completely blew me away. Find me on Instagram - @thelifeofjord This series is not a political commentary.
Crossing the USA Border with Syrian, Yemeni, Iraqi Passport Stamps
I've been travelling across all of Asia and the Middle East, and ended up collecting a lot of passport stamps that don't make your entry into the United States any ...
American Tourist at the Turkey/Syria Border...Is This a War Zone?
I recently went on a two-week road trip around central and southeastern Turkey, in which I drove to the ancient city of Harran, just twelve miles from the border ...
Aleppo (Syria) Vacation Travel Video Guide
The monumental Citadel of Aleppo, rising above the suqs, mosques and madrasas of the old walled city, is testament to Arab military might. -------------- Watch ...
LEBANON to SYRIA - Crossing The Syrian Border
We left Beirut at 4am to get out of the city before the roads were closed. We had to pass through burning barriers and roadblocks to make it to the Syria border.
SYRIA Vlog 2019 - Damascus, Zabadani, Bloudan, Krak De Chevaliers رحلتي الى سوريا كأجنبي
Come to Syria with me in January 2020: Email me at or ...
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