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Get travel videos from Komodo Island on The Cheap Route. We're always updating our gallery of Komodo Island, Indonesia videos with the latest from people around the world. Get high quality Komodo Island videos for free.

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Komodo Island Indonesia - What you need to know
Did you know Komodo dragons are deadly venomous reptiles? These prehistoric looking creatures are nothing to mess with. But a must see on anyone's bucket ...
3 Days In Komodo & Flores
From Bali we took a flight to the port of Flores, and from there we explored the islands... This video is that adventure... Let me know your thoughts and if you have ...
KOMODO ISLAND - Sailing Indonesia
Komodo dragons are highly venomous and dangerous lizards that can only be found in these remote islands in Indonesia. We rented a boat and sailed around ...
Komodo Island will be shut down in 2020! Get there as soon as you can for the incredible experience of seeing the last and closest animals to dinosaurs, ...
A Tourist's Guide to Komodo Island, Indonesia
We fly into Labuan Bajo, the gateway to the Komodo Dragons. After booking our trip, we relax in the town and watch the sunset. The next day we board our ...
Wanna go on the most epic boat tour in the world? Hit up Yaz at ...
Bali to Komodo Island ...
Sailing through the Komodo Islands by boat and scootering through Flores over 10 days was safe to say a damn good time. I was hanging in Indonesia when my ...
Day Trip to Komodo National Park from Labuan Bajo
An overview of the popular one day trip to Komodo National Park from Labuan Bajo Flores Island Indonesia. Komodo National Park is one of the top tourist ...
Wonderful Indonesia | Komodo Labuan Bajo
On the westernmost tip of the Island of Flores, the town of Labuan Bajo, or also spelled Labuhan Bajo sits peacefully: a small fishing site with surprisingly ...
BALI to the KOMODO ISLANDS - 3 Day Sailing Tour
This week we went from Bali to the Komodo Islands. We assembled a group of talented friends to show one lucky person what it's like to travel with us and to see ...
TRAVEL | Komodo Dragon and Manta Ray Adventure
I cannot explain in words how magical the trip to the Komodo Islands was. It was my first time to see Komodo dragons and dive with Manta Rays. We lived on a ...
KOMODO BOAT TRIP - Incredible Journey From Lombok To Flores
This video is about a boat tour from Lombok to Flores with a visit to famous Komodo Island on the way. We'll visit: - Moyo Island - Gili Laba Darat (viewing point) ...
4 Minute Vacation - Komodo Island, Bali (Indonesia 2019) My Trip
My Trip in Komodo Island, Rinca, Padar (Indonesia) #mytrip #indonesia #indonesian #komodo #komododragon #komodoisland #wildlife #mymood #bali.
BALI to KOMODO ISLANDS! 2 day sailing tour of INDONESIA
Support this channel :) Traveling from Bali to the Komodo Islands for a 2 day sailing tour with Tours to Komodo!
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