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August 2021 / 2022 World Events & Festivals

Planning a trip and want to know whats going on in August 2021 / 2022? Maybe you want to avoid the crowds? Find out whats going on in August across the globe in our event guide. You know it sucks when you barely miss out on something, make an informed decision when planning your August trip, don't miss that favorite DJ by a week because you didn't do your research when you picked the date!

What Events, Holidays & Festivals Are Happening in August

Last Wednesday of August
Buñol, Spain
In Spain's Valencian town of Bonol, the last Wednesday of August is reserved for the festival of La Tomatino—an outrageously messy, ravingly funny tradition of people throwing... Read More
Starts the Monday before Labor Day
Black Rock City, United States
The Black Rock Desert in Nevada is home to the annual celebration of the week-long Burning Man event. This starts on the Monday prior to the American Labor Day and ends on the... Read More
Creamfields festival happens the weekend of the last Bank Holiday in August
Daresbury, England
Creamfields is a festival of dance music that is staged annually during the August Bank Holiday in England's Darebury, Cheshire. Featuring live performances and DJs, it is par... Read More
2nd Thursday of August for 3 days
Gothenburg, Sweden
The music festival Way Out West is held every August in venues with and all around Sweden's central Gothenburg. This three-day event features performances from local and inter... Read More
Global Gathering is held the last Friday of July
Stratford-upon-Avon, England
Global Gathering is a music festival that music lovers from Belarus, Poland, Russia, Ukraine, and the United Kingdom celebrate altogether annually. It is held annually on the ... Read More
Takes place on the August Bank Holiday Weekend
Leeds, England
Reading and Leeds is one of the most unique sets of music festivals in England, and even the world. The Reading Festival and the Leeds Festival are a pair which got their name... Read More
3rd Saturday of August for 2 days
Stafford, England
The V Festival is a yearly music festival held on the last weekend of August in England. This is one of the the few musical events that is celebrated simultaneously in two pl... Read More
Electric Picnic usually takes place on the last weekend of August or the first weekend of September
Stradbally, Ireland
Electric Picnic is a world-renowned music festival which regularly receives international acclaim from critics and fans alike. It is sometimes dubbed as “Ireland’s version of ... Read More
The OC Fair is a month long event starting on a Friday in mid-July
Costa Mesa, United States
The Orange County Fair is an annual festival held every summer, around July or August, in Costa Mesa, California. Also known as the OC Fair, it usually lasts close to a month,... Read More
1st Thursday of August for 4 days
Salmo, Canada
This event is held at the Salmo River in British Columbia. Shambhala is held on the first Week of August every year. The music fest is packed with events and it covers a coupl... Read More
Aug 22 - Aug 24
Oulu, Finland
If you think that air guitars are just expressions of personal Imma-bad-ass-rocker attitude, then you are dead wrong. There actually are people so obsessed with air guitars th... Read More
Aug 20
Savonlinna, Finland
Now here is something that you probably never imagined existing: a Mobile Phone Throwing Championship. Yes, we’re kidding you not. There is a Mobile Phone Throwing Champhionsh... Read More
Mid August
Dinant, Belgium
The International Regatta of Bathtubs, or La Regate des Baignoires, is a fun event held every August in Dinant, Belgium. A quirky, semi-sporty affair, it is an annual festival... Read More
August Bank Holiday Sunday & Monday
London, England
The Notting Hill Festival is an annual celebration that has been happening in the United Kingdom since the 1964. The event centers around the Notting Hill Carnival, held in th... Read More
1st Friday of August for 3 days
Chicago, United States
Lollapalooza is a kind of festival oriented towards music. It is usually presented with an anthem, usually a particular musical genre, music from one artist, music from a regi... Read More
Aug 31
Nejapa, El Salvador
Dangerously exotic. That maybe one apt phrase to describe Las Bolas de Fuego, or literally, “Balls of Fire.” Now slowly gaining worldwide fame, Las Bolas de Fuego was born—su... Read More
1st Wednesday of August for 5 days
Clinton, United States
Testicles of everything for everyone. This is what the Testicles Festival is all about. A typically American festival, it is held in Oakdale, Stanislaus County, California, an... Read More
2nd Wednesday of August for 5 days
Helsinki, Finland
Flow Festival is a music and arts festival in the capital city of Finland, Helsinki. It is held annually every August. Staging the event’s ninth edition this year, the organiz... Read More
Aug 6
Brisbane, Australia
The Caxton Street Seafood & Wine Festival celebrates its 20th Anniversary on Sunday 8th June with a ravishing selection of seafood, street food, wine and music. What began... Read More

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