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When travelling, we often times look to cut corners whenever possible in order to save money. Cooking your own meals is one of the easiest ways to do it. Find free, fast, and easy travel recipes at The Cheap Route. We only feature cheap recipes that cater towards cooking with limited supplies as you’ll find in most hostels. Put your food money towards better things by mastering the art of travel cooking and cooking in hostels.
Remember, eating is an easy way to save money while travelling, but sometimes eating local foods is a part of travelling. There are some places you need to try local foods, don't get too caught up in saving money that you miss out on some of these cultural experiences.

Cheap & Easy Recipes

Make a delicious spag-bol in less than half an hour, this delicious pasta is a step up from your off the shelf sauce and noodles.
Normally Corned Beef & Cabbage takes a long time to cook. This is a quick version, using canned beef, but it makes it really easy. Paula's Corned Beef and Cabbage is a nice comfortable meal to prepare relatively easy, for when you're missing the comforts of home during your travels.
Chili on rice is another example of combining 2 classic ingredients to make a meal. Chili on rice is cheap and easy, and a good source of protein. Only requiring 2 ingredients which won’t rot or go bad, it’s perfect for travelling. Keeping a small bag of rice with you is not a bad idea when you plan to spend most of your meals abroad in the hostel kitchen, and canned chili can easily be found most places for cheap.
Chili mac is something I'm sorry to say I didn't invent. It’s such a simple concept, combining 2 great snacks to make an even better one! It’s like the Chili Billy (Chili on Nachos). You can mix and match whatever kind of chili and macaroni & cheese, but it's easiest just to pick up microwave versions of each. Not the healthiest, but easy to make, doesn’t require fancy kitchen tools or an oven, it’s cheap, and the ingredients won’t go bad.
This cheap and easy pasta is easy to make, fills you up, and it doesn't taste half bad either. It's great because you don't have to worry about keeping the ingredients refrigerated, they'll last for a long time just sitting in your bag or on the shelf in the hostel kitchen.
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